NeXT Computers

NeXT computers gave a user the best of both worlds, a nice GUI (graphical user interface) and a UNIX environment to do power tasks. I have a NeXT Cube (Motorola 68040, 33MHz) with NeXTdimension video capability. The NeXTdimension board allows me to perform video I/O with a television or VCR, which I really don't need for my engineering work, but is fun to play around with.

TRIVIA NOTE: The world's first web server was a NeXT computer used by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN.

NeXT hardware is no longer manufactured, but the NeXT operating system (NeXTstep) and third party applications are still being developed for a variety of CPU architectures.

For more information on NeXT products, see the NeXT entry at Wikepedia.

I do most of my engineering work using self written code in a variety of languages including: There are free versions of FORTRAN (g77), f2c (a FORTRAN to C converter) and C/C++ (gcc,g++) available from the GNU Project. GNU has a large number of free software projects available for downloading at MIT for a variety of hardware platforms.

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